“Every moment we are choosing who we will be…
Choose in favor of your genius and you will
discover it is your reality.”
               …Alan Cohen

It’s a new year and you are filled with good intentions and resolutions; promises to yourself to exercise more, eat healthier, laugh more, …You have your schedule set, the chart on the wall to track your progress.  You have followed all the tips about goal achievement and somehow a few weeks down the road you’ve stopped exercising and are eating chips and salsa while watching tv at night.  So what happened?

If our mind and our values/heart are not in alignment we cannot sustain actions that require significant behavior changes, even though those changes are beneficial to us.  If we set a mental goal to lose twenty pounds to become more healthy yet in our heart believe that we are a lazy, fat person who will never be trim and vibrant, we will not be successful in losing weight.  If the picture we have of ourselves does not agree with the goal we have set, we will self-sabotage.

There is a deeper level of belief that is the foundation for all our  opinions about our self:  self-love.  Under all of our self-talk and pictures of who we are is the core belief of whether we are a good person or a bad person; whether we love our self or dislike our self.  If you are finding that you cannot seem to change habits that are self-destructive, no matter how hard you try, stop and ask yourself what is the belief you have about who you are that may be sabotaging you.

Look below the surface and listen to your self talk, that will give you a clue.  Notice how you treat yourself.  Are you kind to you?  Do you give yourself space and grace to be human?  Do you listen to your body and your heart and respond to your needs or do you always put someone else first?

We cannot create externally what we do not believe internally.  Will power will take us a long way and it is heart power that brings us  home.  The will power is like the gas that drives the engine and heart power is the extra-ordinary strength that moves us to extreme performance actions and keeps us moving forward when we have run out of gas.

Our outside life reflects our inside beliefs.  If you would like examples of affirming thoughts, please visit my website and explore the Affirmations pages.   Focus on building your heart power and will power will be easy.

” Some things have to be believed to be seen.”

         …Ralph Hodgson    


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