Can You Hear Me Now?

We have all chuckled a bit at that seemingly unending wireless phone commercial-can you hear me now?   And humor aside, what if on a deeper level of our lives there is a voice calling to us that we are not listening to?  What if there is a voice that wants to get your attention and you keep ignoring it?

In this time of multi-tasking, instant everything and 24/7 availability it is sometimes difficult to hear that small, quiet voice inside that always has best interest at heart.    Yet, it is precisely at the time when we are the most pulled in a hundred different directions that it is important that we listen to that voice.   It is the voice of our deepest knowing, of our highest and best self.

How do you hear that voice?  How do you get your messages from your place of knowing?  Do you hear words?  Do you see a picture flash across your mind?  Do you get chills up and down your spine?  Do you get an answer to your question and know it is true?    We each have our own unique telegraph system with our inner knowing.  My system gets my attention several different ways depending on the urgency or importance of the issue at hand.

Many times when I am looking for the answer to a question a thought will cross my mind and I know it is what I was seeking.  Other times when something is more meaningful I will get chills.  This experience happens frequently when I am coaching a client and the client has had an insight into something for herself.  Small chills accompany small insights and major overall body chills occur for big breakthroughs.  When I pay attention to those messages I am able to reflect back to the client the significance of what I have just heard them say and validate their insights.  It is a great radar system.

BIG self insights bring the BIG voice that I hear aloud, usually in answer to a question that I have posed.  Two years ago when I was at a place in my life where I did not know the next step to take and I asked, “So what do I do now?” and I heard an answer that was not the message I wanted!!! And as I responded not too kindly to the voice, I again heard a reaffirmation of the first message, loud and clear. I followed the message I received, left a stable position three years before planned, and have never regretted for one moment listening to the voice.

What is your inner voice saying to you?  What is it asking of you?  Are you listening?  If you do not hear that voice right now, know that it is there, ask it to speak clearly to you and then pay attention when:

♦An answer flashes across your mind to something you were thinking about.

♦You pick up a newspaper, magazine, overhear a conversation that has a piece of information that is exactly what you were looking for.

♦Your body responds to something you hear or see with chills, a tightness in the stomach, a sense of expansiveness in your heart, or a feeling of peace and joy.

♦You feel a breath of air flow across you when you see something or hear something        that is the perfect piece of wisdom for you at that moment.

♦You just know the next step to take even if it does not seem logical; you know it is right in your heart because you feel at peace.

Trust those inner knowings.  They come from your deepest wisdom and are always available to you.  Use that knowing place to help you make decisions.  You need only ask the question and then listen. The more you listen, the louder the voice gets, and soon it will be automatic.  What is your voice saying to you?   Can you hear me now?  Can you hear me now?


©Carol McKeag, Coaching for Life & Spirit

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