Halloween is a holiday for all ages. My grandchildren are all excited about who they are going to be this year. Perhaps you are going to a costume party and playing with different personas yourself.

Who are you going to be this Halloween? What it would be like if you put aside the masks you wear daily for your protection and allowed your true face to be seen? Your most authentic expression of your own unique, marvelous essence? How would it feel to drop the super responsible and possibly resentful mask? Or maybe the I’m here for everyone except myself mask? Or life is hard and the only way to be successful is to stay on task, keep my nose to the grindstone, be serious mask? What mask are you ready to remove? What mask are you really tired of wearing? Take it off. If taking it off is too big of a step, how about changing how you express that mask in the world as a start? If it is your super responsible, resentful mask, are you willing to release the resentful part and accept your responsibility as your own choice, an expression of your personal values?

Our true face doesn’t need to be hidden, protected or even require sunscreen. Our true face is vibrant, joyful, loving, nurturing to self and others, accepting, wise, playful and at peace. Our true face is relaxed and confident and is ageless; no lines or wrinkles, only warmth and invitation. What would it take for you to share your beautiful true face with us? What one step are you willing to take to remove the masks and share yourself with us? I encourage you to step forward in your timeless exquisite essence–now that would really be a fantastic Halloween mask. See you at the ball.

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