Coming Home ~ Return to Your Heart

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You are loved.

You are safe.

Wherever you are, you are home.

Are you looking to reconnect with your inner wisdom and knowing; remembering who you truly are and coming home to your heart?  If so, this Women’s Wisdom Circle is for you.

In this small, intimate circle you will:

  • learn how to connect with your knowing, discover what gets in your way of listening and learn how to deepen your personal practices
  • build your personal spiritual toolbox to support you on your journey home to your heart
  • explore what it means to be your own best friend

You will:

  • focus on remembering who you are
  • reconnect to your Inner Wisdom
  • experience different processes to help you connect with your heart
  • explore how you receive your guidance
  • look at what gets in the way of hearing your guidance and dissolve those barriers
  • practice deepening your connection using various types of prayer
  • love yourself home

In this experiential group we will use introspection, journaling, inquiry, celebration, connection and community to move forward on the path of Coming Home.

When:  Beginning Thursday, September 20, 7:00 to 8:30 pm every other Thursday for      seven sessions, ending December 13, 2012.  Maximum of seven participants.

Where:  Beaverton, Oregon

Cost:   $275

Three easy payment options:

#1.  $275 paid September 20
#2.  $150 paid September 20 and $150 October 18
#3.  $110 paid September 20, $110 October 18 and $110 November 15

For more information :

  • Email me at
  • Call for a personal conversation M-F between the hours of 10:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. 503-626-0554
  • Use my contact form

2 Responses to Coming Home ~ Return to Your Heart

  1. pat perkins says:

    Vici Wolff is a good friend and she recommended this. I am very intested in attending your upcoming session.

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