Women’s Wisdom Circles

The Wisdom Circles are small groups that create safety, support and community for the participants. The synergy that occurs in a group dynamic can provide amazing insights that are very powerful for everyone in the group. One person’s learning is everyone’s learning. Each Circle has a different focus, yet they all are designed to provide a space where:

  • Each person is seen, heard and respected for where they are on their path of discovery
  • Each person is recognized as whole and complete, no “fixing” allowed
  • Each person is supported in their process of discovering and listening to their inner wisdom
  • Each person is celebrated for who they are and their gifts are acknowledged

The circles have a maximum of eight women and meet for one and one-half to two hours every other week for a period of approximately three months. Each person in the group is asked to commit to the full series of  sessions to maintain the continuity of trust and community required for this level of personal exploration.

This Circle is about you Remembering who you truly are and returning to your center of wisdom and knowing.  In this group you will learn how you receive your guidance, what gets in your way of listening and learn how to deepen your personal practices.  You will leave with your own spiritual toolbox of tools that support you on your journey home to your heart.  You will explore what it means to be your own best friend and how to love and nurture yourself.  You will experience a mixture of fun, freedom, contemplation, quiet grace and peace. For more information visit   or  Contact me .

In the Transition Circles we focus on exploring the myriad of ways that transition shows up in our life and how to be with this often mysterious and frustrating process. We look for the gifts in this process and learn how to listen to and trust our inner voice. This is a very collaborative Circle where the participants co-create much of the direction of the seven weeks. If you have a yearning for something different and just do not know what it is or how to get there, this might be the group for you.

The Heroine’s Journey:  Thriving After Cancer is a Wisdom Circle Program for women cancer survivors.  In this small, intimate group women will explore where they’ve been, who they are now and who they want to become.  They will be supported by other women with common experiences and guided towards living in wellness, abundance and gratitude.  This group will focus on healing and nurturing practices that support body, mind and spirit.  Check the Events Page for more details about dates, times and program specifics or visit us.

In the Third Life Circles we celebrate being a woman over 60 and acknowledge each person’s unique experience and wisdom. We explore the contribution and legacy of each woman and discover how they can BE their gift to the world. We use a process to invite each person to create their Third Life from a place of intention and Knowing. If you are a woman in your 60’s wondering what to do with the rest of your life, this might be the group for you. Contact me to learn more.

If you have questions about any of the groups, I invite you to contact me directly.