Spiritual Mentoring

Are you yearning for a deeper sense of connection and just can’t quite get there by yourself? Do you feel there must be more to your life than your day-to-day responsibilities? Do you have a lingering sense that you are part of a grander vision than you can see at the moment? These are the types of questions we explore in Spiritual Mentoring.

In Spiritual Mentoring we create a sacred and safe space for you to explore what Spirituality means to you in all of its marvelous aspects, colors and tones. We recognize how Spirit shows up in your life every day. We celebrate the sacred in the mundane. Spiritual mentoring is about you creating your personal relationship with Spirit; listening to how the voice of Spirit speaks to you and living from the space of knowing that connection is always there. It is about you being the “Grandest Version of the Greatest Vision you ever had about yourself.”

In the Spiritual Mentoring process we meet once a month for an hour to deepen your understanding of your relationship with Spirit. We follow your path at your pace toward your evolving Spiritual Self and I have the joyful privilege of being your companion and mentor on this path. I invite you to contact me to discuss furthering your spiritual journey.

Carol McKeag is a gentle and effective facilitator for my personal growth. Through her listening and intuitive questions, she gently leads a powerful process of finding oneself. As a result, I was able to be more insightful and truthful in my spiritual discoveries. – AW