Personal Life Coaching

Personal Life Coaching is just that: personal. It’s about you creating your life from choices made in alignment with your deepest values and guiding principles. Life Coaching is based on the belief that you are whole and complete, resourceful and creative. I am your partner who provides support, insight, tools and strategies to help you access your inner wisdom. The process is designed to assist you in recognizing what is holding you back and move beyond it. It is about you creating and living your grandest vision of your life. Joy easily follows when a life is being lived in accordance with one’s values.

Life Coaching is not therapy. Coaching works best for those who are functioning well. Life Coaching supports healthy people. Therapy deals with the past; Life Coaching deals with the present and the future. In therapy the therapist has the answer; in Life Coaching you have the answer.

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In one-on-one personal coaching we build a relationship of trust and create a space of safety for you to explore your deepest yearnings and dreams; those desires that you may never have spoken before. We clarify and acknowledge your personal core values to support you in making empowered choices for yourself. We celebrate your wins and your not-so-much wins for the learning in each. We continue to hold open possibility knowing that there is always more than one right answer. We are always intentional and committed to the quality of your Journey.

The process of personal coaching generally begins with a 1-1/2 hour or longer initial session, where we have the opportunity to get to know each other and design a framework for your coaching. You will be asked to complete a client inventory before that session which will aid us in determining our work together. Your regular coaching sessions are 60 minutes two to three times a month, usually by phone. Initially I will ask you to commit to a three-month coaching relationship. After this time, many clients choose to continue working with me to further their development. The coaching process can take some time for changes to be noticed and both our commitments to that process are vital for your success.

I invite you to do a complementary coaching session with me so that you can experience what the process is like and discover how it might be of value to you on your Journey. Please contact me to schedule a session.

With true clarity, support and presence in the moment, Carol helped facilitate a profound shift in my life. I know it is the goal of a life coach to make her clients comfortable, but Carol goes beyond comfort to clarity. Deliciously supportive, humorous and forthright, Carol was a joy to work with. – MM

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