Living Your Vision

Living Your Vision® is for people who are committed to life-long learning, growth and transformation; people who believe their life has a meaning and a purpose and are dedicated to living from that place of Knowing. Living Your Vision® is for “finders”; people who were seekers and have chosen to be finders. The Living Your Vision® process transformed my life and every day I am grateful for the world it opened for me.

The Living Your Vision® process is designed to support you to become clear about who you are at your essence, your vision for your life; align that vision with your personal and unique purpose and gift to the world; and move forward into action to live that vision and purpose. In this transformational process, you step back and look at your life as a whole and then create a Master Plan to be the roadmap for living your life from your vision and purpose.

The Living Your Vision® experience has two distinct parts. The first part is a stand-alone workshop that we do face-to-face over a period of three to four days and may take 18-20 hours. In this part, as your coach and champion, I guide you through a highly interactive process to discover your vision and your purpose, clarify your core values and guiding principles, and design your own personal LYV Master Plan. The second part is comprised of follow-up coaching sessions that support you to step into action, move through challenges and celebrate your successes as you embrace Living Your Vision® from the inside-out. Learn more detailed information about the process.

If you know that your life is about something more and just don’t know what that is; if you want more balance and spiritual connection in your life; if you are yearning to feel more at choice in your life, Living Your Vision® may be the perfect process for you. Please contact me if you are interested in exploring how Living Your Vision® would support you on your Journey.

Because Carol had the knowledge and understanding of my needs she coached me to a new beginning. The LYV process Carol guided me through has positively and significantly changed my life. Thank you,Carol. – BAS