Inspiration, Motivation and Tools,

Here you’ll find affirmations, helpful worksheets and inspiring material.


  • Affirmations I – Words of encouragement, inspiration and intention to help bring more peace, joy and abundance to your daily life.
  • Affirmations II – Prayerful words to deepen your connection with Spirit.



  • End of Year Process – A short worksheet that guides you in reviewing the past year and planning for next year.
  • End of Year Expanded Process    –  An expanded worksheet that gives  you more depth and discovery in reviewing last year and planning for next year.
  • Speak More Powerfully   – Your words are very powerful.  A worksheet illustrating how to replace draining language with empowering language.





Food for Thought

  • 12 PRINCIPLES OF LIFE MASTERY – Alan Cohen, author, coach, inspirational teacher and guide has created 12 Principles of Life Mastery that are rich with wisdom and insight.  These pithy principles will invite you to look at your life from a “higher” perspective, encourage you to see the bigger picture and remind you Who you truly are.


Recommended Reading

  • My favorites  – These books are friends that have inspired, taught and motivated me.  They have moved me forward in creating a life of joy, peace and purpose.  I hope they will also speak to you.


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