A very wise woman once said to me, “Say ‘Yes’ and the how will follow.”  We were exploring how to live authentically and follow our heart when we could not see the path or even the next step.

Where in your life are you being called to step up and be authentic?  What longing, yearning keeps returning that you ignore?  What is your “Yes”?  How do you know?

Listen to the information that you continually receive.  What patterns keep showing up?  Angeles Arrien in, The Second Half of Life, says that if something appears three times she pays attention.  Are you receiving the same message from different sources?  Recently I was making a decision about continuing an association and feeling somewhat ambivalent.  Three different situations that clearly did not support the continuation of the relationship appeared.   I resigned my association and the next day felt that a tremendous weight had been lifted from my shoulders.

What messages are you getting?  Stop for a minute and think about the synchronicities that are showing up in your life.  Are you are being called to a new relationship, a new home, or to release something or someone in your life?  Are you are you struggling to get up in the morning, experiencing vague feelings of discontent at work?  Are you being called to a totally different field, say teaching art?  Do you see articles about the rewards of being a teacher, meet enthusiastic art teachers, or people who have changed careers mid-life and ecstatically share their experience?  You get the picture.  Pay attention.

What are your dreams telling you?  Is there a recurring theme?  If you do not easily recall your dreams, before you go to sleep at night set the intention and tell yourself several times that you will remember them when you awaken.  Keep a pad and pen on your bedside table to take notes if you awaken in the middle of the night.  Write your dreams in a dream journal when you wake up in t he morning.

Pay particular attention to the people, places and things that make your heart sing.  Notice when you are feeling marvelous and life is effortless.  This is important information.  What is happening?  Are there patterns?  What are you being drawn to?  Is it a person, a place, a thing?   Living from “Yes” is effortless; it is a place of ease and joy.  When you are struggling, frustrated and everything is hard, you are resisting the “Yes” energy.  Notice when life seems difficult and when life seems easy.

Saying “Yes” to something new usually means saying no to something else.  It may be an old limiting belief about yourself, or quieting the voice of your inner critic.  When you step into your Authentic Self your old tapes of limitation and undeserving immediately appear.  A helpful tool to recognize and release those long held beliefs is Byron Katie’s four question process at http:/  What will your “Yes” release?  Let it go with appreciation for the gifts and wisdom you have received and embrace what is calling you.

“Yes” is the invitation for you to live your authentic life; to show up totally and completely as who you truly are.  When you say “Yes” the how will follow with ease.


©Carol McKeag, Coaching for Life & Spirit

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