Words of Wisdom From Your Grandmother, Better Known as Nona

Dear Kellen and Taryn,

Your mother has asked me to share with you some of the things I have learned about life as I have traveled this path—things that might be helpful to you as you grow and stretch and learn who you REALLY are on this planet.   You know, my dears, there are lots of cute phrases and platitudes that abound, and many have value and are true.  I want to share with you some of the things I have learned about my life that I believe speak to core values and how I want to live my life, even if I don’t make it all the time.  So, with those caveats, listen up, my dears.

♥Life is what you make it.   You have the power and make the choice to create the life you want.  You are not at the mercy of unseen forces.  Your choices make your life rich, rewarding, joyful and beautiful…or otherwise.

♥Love is really all there is.  Nothing else matters.  It is what we all want to give and to receive.  It is who we really are.  The rest of the chatter and chaos is just diversion and fear of allowing ourselves to be in that space of love that we are created for.

♥Give your love freely and it will return to you tenfold.  Do not make your love conditional or require that it be earned.  Love is to be shared and sprinkled wherever you go.  It can be shared by a smile for a stranger, a word of kindness to a salesclerk, holding the door for someone… in a million ways you can share your love and light and sparkle to brighten someone else’s day.

♥Look for the gift in every situation.  Every experience we have is given to us to learn from.  Even the most painful and difficult times have a gift hidden within.  If you can find the gift in every situation you will live a life of joy and peace.

♥Be PASSIONATE.   Give yourself the freedom to express your passion in every part of your life—your work, your play, your relationships, your sexuality.  It is the fire that fuels your soul….express it freely and share it so that others can be warmed by your vibrancy.

♥Your personal integrity cannot be bought or sold.  It is what allows you to sleep well at night.  Do not compromise what you believe to be true for yourself in spite of what friends, the crowd or anyone else says.  The ends do not always justify the means.

♥Quick and dirty is rarely quick and always dirty.  Do your best at everything you do—don’t take the easy way out if it does not seem right to you.

♥We are all connected.  We live on a planet where what each of us does impacts others.  Be responsible in how you live with your neighbors near and far.

♥Evolution works!!!  The better person you are, the better person your child will be.  Your mother is tenfold the mother I was and you will be tenfold the parents your parents are.

♥Learn to love yourself and the rest of your life will be easy.  When you can love yourself you can love others and that is all that really matters.

♥Give people the benefit of the doubt.  Everyone always does the best they can in the circumstances, even though it may be hard for us to see that.   Earth school is very difficult.

♥Know that you are never alone.  We are always connected in our heart with those we love and who love us, whether we are far apart geographically or if they have passed on to the next stage of their evolution—we are always together.

♥Laugh loudly.  Do not restrain your joy and laughter.  Let it rip.

Well, my dears.  This is much more than your mother asked for, but so what.  Take what works for you and toss the rest aside.  After all, it is all about choices, and I trust you will make the best ones you can for yourselves.

I love you,



©Carol McKeag, Coaching for Life & Spirit

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