Why Are You Here? What Is Your Purpose?

Everywhere I turn nowadays, I see another article or formula for finding my purpose.   It seems to me that we are making it too hard and the word purpose has become a bit trite.

What if your purpose here on earth is to show up, totally and completely as who you truly are?  What if it is that easy?  What if it is not about what you are doing, rather about who you are Being?  No complicated formula to follow, no magic potion to drink, no instant makeover.  Simply an unveiling of you and the gifts and talents you bring to the world.  The following steps may help you to more clearly identify with your personal purpose.

Begin by noticing what makes your heart sing.  Is it working with children?  Painting?  Being outside in nature?  Cooking a flavorful and beautiful meal?  Negotiating an agreement between two opposing parties?  Driving your car?  Keep paying attention to the situations where you get a lift to your spirits and a spring to your walk.  Make note of them to see what keeps showing up.  People, situations, places that speak to that place of joy, excitement and delight in you.

Next, take some time to recall situations in your life where you have felt like you made a difference; either at work, in someone else’s life, for a cause, or in your own life.   A time when you were at your personal best.  Recall how good you felt.  Relive that experience so that you can be back in the middle of it.  What about it made you feel good?  What gifts were you sharing?  Were you being compassionate, courageous, strong, trustworthy, loving, resourceful, creative, passionate..?  Who were you being in that situation?  The qualities that you express when you are at your best represent your values.

Now, put together what you learned about yourself from what makes your heart sing and who you were being when you were at your best.  What are you seeing?  What makes my heart sing is supporting people to live the life they choose for themselves, being all they can be, and when I am being my personal best I am compassionate, caring, fully present and available in the moment.  My purpose could be stated:  I live my life fully present in the moment, compassionate and caring, a catalyst for transformation and a conduit of love and healing.  What would yours be?  It’s not the words that matter, it’s what you feel in your heart.  Speak your purpose, do you feel it in your body?  Do you know deep in your heart that this is really you?  Try it on for size.

© Carol McKeag, Coaching for Life & Spirit


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