The Perfect Gift

What if the perfect gift for your loved ones was easy, convenient, did not cost anything and you did not have to drive to the mall to buy it?   It wouldn’t be out of style next month and does not have an expiration date.   Would you be interested?

We live in a world that increasingly demands of us instant response devoid of quality and thoughtfulness.  What is expected is an instant reply rather than a considered response, reactive versus creative.  Our relationships are based on email messages, voice mail messages and text messaging.

What if the perfect gift was a gift of your Presence to the people you love.  You being 100% present with the person you care about.  Not distracted by the next task to be completed, the phone call to be made, or the chore to tick off your list.  The gift of your total and complete Presence is the most precious gift you can give someone.  When was the last time you were really listened to and heard?  When was the last time someone you loved gave you their full attention?  Can you remember what that felt like?

Rather than the latest toy, dvd, game or other diversion as a gift, how about giving each person in your life a special time with you; a date that is totally centered around what will make them happy?  Perhaps a walk in the park, reading a story together, coffee at a neighborhood coffee house without the children, or an evening of conversation in a quiet place with a nice bottle of wine?  Listening, being heard, being affirmed and being loved.  And for you, what would be the perfect gift?  Time alone for you to be present to yourself, a warm bath with candles and music, a few hours to read the newest novel; or perhaps and afternoon having your partner, spouse, best friend listen to you, to your dreams, your desires, your hopes and your fears.  You could make that request, put that on your Christmas list.  The most precious gift we give each other is ourselves.  All we really want is the Presence of the person we love.  Enjoy.


©Carol McKeag, Coaching for Life & Spirit


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