Letting Go

On this day in early January as I am recycling notes from personal/spiritual growth courses I attended in 1997, 1998, 1999 that have served their purpose and are now clutter, I wonder about what else I am hanging on to that would best be released?  What am I holding on to that limits my moving forward and living my fullest life?

Feng shui says clutter constricts the flow of energy.   Clutter has many forms:  material objects, limiting beliefs, relationships that are not working, habits that do not support us, shoulds, ought tos, and must dos.

Where are you feeling stuck, short on energy, like you are in a rut?  Do you wake up each morning feeling that there should be more to your life and just don’t know what it is?  What clutter is waiting to be released in your life—what beliefs, shoulds, musts, people or habits are keeping you prisoner?  Where in your life can you lighten up and fly free, be who you truly are?

How can you know when something/someone is an energy drain for you?  Think about someone you really enjoy or something you love to do.  What kinds of feelings or body sensations appear when you do that?  A nice warm glow perhaps or maybe a smile comes to your face and a little leap of joy in your heart?  Now, think about someone who is not supportive of you or a task you don’t enjoy yet are required to do.  What kinds of feelings and sensations do you have?  Does your body feel heavy, do you slump your shoulders, get a grimace on your face and perhaps a pain in your stomach?

Your physical sensations and emotional responses are your barometer of the people and situations that drain your energy. Picture what your life might be like without the draining encounters?  Would you feel freer, more joyful, and able to move forward?  Following are some resources to assist you in letting go.

Our limiting beliefs hold us back and keep us small.  As an example, you want to become an artist and believe that you are not smart enough, not good enough, don’t have the training…..fill in the blanks.  A tool that can help you recognize and release these long standing and generally entrenched beliefs is Byron Katie’s four question process.  The exercise is on line at www.thework.com/fourquestions.  The web site will walk you through each step.

Relationships where we have unfinished business or are holding on to resentments and grudges reduce our energy and limit our freedom and joy.   Colin Tippings’ Radical Forgiveness processes can support you to heal relationships and move from victim to self-empowerment.  There are several tools online at www.radicalforgiveness.com/content/online-tools.asp.

What in your life is ready to be released so that you give yourself the freedom to move forward to create the life you really want to live?  Let go.


©Carol McKeag, Coaching for Life & Spirit


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