And A Child Shall Lead Us

My daughter shared the following heartwarming story with me that you may also enjoy.  My grandchildren, Kellen age 6 and Taryn age 4, were outside one evening and wanted to ride their bikes.  They live on a cul-de-sac at the top of a small hill.  Kellen easily rides down and back up the hill.  Taryn had not been strong enough to ride back up and always called for her mom to come and push the bike back up to the top for her.  This evening Taryn was insistent that she would get her own bike back up the incline so she was allowed to ride down.

Michele, my daughter, said as Taryn began the steep climb up the hill she came to a place where she slowed to a crawl and the next thing Michele saw was little Miss Taryn pumping harder and saying loudly, “I am strong.  I am strong.”  Taryn pedaled a bit farther and the hill got steeper and again the mantra, “I am strong.  I am strong.” was spoken.  She continued her pedaling and her mantra and made it all the way up the hill.  Then she turned around and did it three more times just to prove that she could!!!

Where in your life are you being called to be strong?  To be persistent?  To put forth a little more energy and attention to reach your goal?  What do you feel passionately enough about that you will keep pedaling rather than give up your dream?  The next time you feel a bit weary or perhaps thwarted try Miss Taryn’s mantra and see what happens.

She now easily rides back up the hill and does not need her mantra to get to the top.  And what is wonderful is that she knows that she is strong and capable of achieving her dreams, as are you.


©Carol McKeag, Coaching for Life & Spirit

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