An Invitation to Come Home

The Season is upon us.  We are rushing to find the perfect Christmas gift for that special someone in our life, rushing to put up the Christmas decorations, frantically planning the menu for Christmas day dinner, working overtime because we have a crisis at our place of employment, and wondering why we are not enjoying this time of celebration.  Even the Christmas parties seem to be a bit of a drag.  Why are we not enjoying this very special holiday season?  We keep hearing this little voice inside saying, “Enough, enough, enough.  Can we stop the insanity?  I am not having any fun here.”

Sound familiar?  Have you heard that voice?  Perhaps the words are a bit different but the meaning is the same?  Do you pay attention to that small, quiet voice, or just push through because you have so much to do?  What would happen if you took five minutes to listen to the voice and hear what she had to say?   Her voice is a calling from your deepest Knowing to stop the outside noise and come home to that place inside yourself where your Wisdom, Compassion and Love reside.

It is in times like this when we feel we do not have the time that it is most important to make the time to Come Home.  If you were to spend even ten minutes a day to Come Home to that place of Inner Knowing you would find that you would be calmer, more organized and effective and clearer about setting priorities based on what is meaningful for you.  You would be creating your life rather than reacting to it.

You have read the various formulas for meditating, for connecting with your Higher Self, for becoming one with the planet and perhaps they just don’t work for you.  This does not have to be work.  You do not need to create an altar, a special room or even a special place.  All that is required is that you show up, slow down, and invite your Inner Knowing to speak to you.  My favorite place to commune with my Voice is cozily ensconced in my bed between very soft pale blue flannel sheets with a hot cup of coffee in my hands with my favorite nurturing and soothing music in the background.  I usually read a short daily meditation and then get quiet, take a couple of deep breaths, express gratitude for my life, fully enjoy the hot coffee and just listen.  Amazing what I hear; amazing what you will hear.  You are being called to Come Home and listen.  To Come Home to a place of peace, warmth, acceptance and love.  The perfect home.  Will you say Yes?


©Carol McKeag, Coaching for Life & Spirit


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