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And A Child Shall Lead Us
My daughter shared the following heartwarming story with me that you may also enjoy.  My grandchildren, Kellen age 6 and Taryn age 4, were outside one evening and wanted to ride their bikes.  They live on a cul-de-sac at the top of a small hill.  Kellen easily rides down and …

An Invitation To Come Home
The Season is upon us.  We are rushing to find the perfect Christmas gift for that special someone in our life, rushing to put up the Christmas decorations, frantically planning the menu for Christmas day dinner, working overtime because we have a crisis at our place of employment, and wondering why we are not enjoying this time of celebration.

Be The Leader of Your Life
When you think of someone who is “powerful” or a leader, what comes to mind?  Do you think that it is what the person does that makes them powerful, the leadership position they fill?  What if power and leadership are really expressed by who you are BEING rather than the task you are doing?

Can You Hear Me Now?
We have all chuckled a bit at that seemingly unending wireless phone commercial-can you hear me now?   And humor aside, what if on a deeper level of our lives there is a voice calling to us that we are not listening to?  What if there is a voice that wants to get your attention and you keep ignoring it?

Choose Life; Your Life
How often have you said to yourself when you feel backed in to a corner between the devil and the deep blue sea, “I don’t have any other choice.  I must do …”?

Letting Go
On this day in early January as I am recycling notes from personal/spiritual growth courses I attended in 1997, 1998, 1999 that have served their purpose and are now clutter, I wonder about what else I am hanging on to that would best be released?  What am I holding on to that limits my moving forward and living my fullest life?

Power ~ It’s An Inside Job
In this world of instant gratification we are bombarded by invitations, offers and challenges to step into our power by buying the right book, dvd, cd, e-course, workshop, etc.   You need only purchase the perfect tool and you will be transformed, an outside-in approach.  I acknowledge the value of the materials and wisdom of …

Saying Yes To The Second Half Of Life
The Second Half of Life, age 50 and beyond, is Your time; your time to be authentic, to, love more, to contribute back and to share your wisdom.  It is your time to harvest the fruits of all the experiences that make up your life.

The Game of Life
If the rules for the Game of Life were simplified, I would recommend these words of wisdom from my amazing chiropractor Dr. Will.

The Perfect Gift
What if the perfect gift for your loved ones was easy, convenient, did not cost anything and you did not have to drive to the mall to buy it?   It wouldn’t be out of style next month and does not have an expiration date.   Would you be interested?

What’s Right In Front of Your Eyes
Recently while putting away some kitchen utensils I saw a small butane lighter I had been searching for several weeks.  It was in the utensil holder handle side down and only the wand was visible.  I had looked at that container many, many times and had never seen the wand because I was looking for the handle.  In that moment of recognition I wondered what else was right before my eyes that I was not seeing.

Why Are You Here?  What Is Your Purpose?
Everywhere I turn nowadays, I see another article or formula for finding my purpose.   It seems to me that we are making it too hard and the word purpose has become a bit trite.

Why Would You Choose to Have A Life Coach?
Wouldn’t you just love to awake each morning excited about the unlimited possibilities of the day ahead?  Do you have a dream that you just can’t seem to bring to life?  Do you want more money? time? fun? (fill in the blank____ ?) 

Words of Wisdom from Your Grandmother
Dear Kellen and Taryn,
Your mother has asked me to share with you some of the things I have learned about life as I have traveled this path—things that might be helpful to you as you grow and stretch and learn who you REALLY are on this planet.

A very wise woman once said to me, “Say ‘Yes’ and the how will follow.”  We were exploring how to live authentically and follow our heart when we could not see the path or even the next step.




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