Releasing One Shelf at a Time

I tend to be a “keeper”, someone who keeps things even though I haven’t worn, used or even looked at those things for a long, long, long time. I have closets and cupboards filled with clothes and dishes and candles and cute little things that have not seen the light of day for many a month/year, and I am still wary of getting rid of them. Maybe next year I will be able to wear those way cool pants; maybe I’ll have friends for dinner and use those beautiful serving dishes; maybe I’ll redecorate and put out those unique and beautiful candles and pieces of art. Right!! In the meantime I am feeling squashed, closed in, weary of the clutter and lack of space and a bit depressed.

So, this morning during my journaling the question that popped up was: “If you can’t let go of the sheets, towels, dishes, etc. that no longer serve you, how can you let go of other things that have served their purpose in your life. Things such as relationships, beliefs, fears?” Now that caught my attention. I know that some of my heaviness and flatness is because I am wading through old beliefs about who I am and how I “should” be. I am in a place of questioning what is truly important to me and how do I stay in the place of putting my energy and attention on what helps me move forward and grow and be Joyful Service. Is it time to appreciate, acknowledge and release people, patterns, behaviors and beliefs that have contributed to my growth and move to the next step?

How to discern what is growth affirming and supporting versus either status quo or diminishing? If I’m honest with myself, what I know is that what excites me, challenges me, pushes/pulls me forward is growth affirming for me and what either feels flat to me or tiring or diminishing keeps me smaller than who I truly am. The BIG question is how to first honestly recognize the diminishing triggers and then have the confidence and courage to say “Thank you for what you have contributed to my life. I appreciate and respect and honor you and it is time for me to release you so you and I can both move forward.” I’m still working on that part.

In the meantime, what I realize is that if I am unable to clean my closets of the tangible items that no longer are part of my life, I’ll not be able to release the people and intangibles. As the inner so the outer. For the moment, I’m going to tackle one shelf of my linen closet at a time and ask of each item: “Do I love it? Does it make me feel good? Do I use it?” and if not, put it in the Goodwill pile. One shelf at a time.

I’m curious to know how you deal with releasing things, people, relationships to that you can move forward on Your Journey. Care to share?

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2 Responses to Releasing One Shelf at a Time

  1. Renee Freisinger says:

    Thank you for this wonderful blog entry! I absolutely need to apply this to my own life and behaviors. It is time (past time actually) for me to do some cleaning, inside and out.

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