I am 100% committed to living my life joyfully, vibrantly, creatively and fully each and every day, contributing to the peace and spiritual growth of the planet.

My gift is to hold open the space of discovery for you to recognize yourself as the magnificent Being you are. In the process, you will clarify and connect with your deepest and highest yearnings and make empowered choices to create your life from your Essence.

My gift is transformational coaching and spiritual mentoring, through which I share the following beliefs:

  • That each one of us is a unique gift to the world; that we each have a purpose and a responsibility to live that purpose and deliver our gift.
  • That each one of us makes a difference in the world and that we are all connected.
  • That love is the most powerful force in the Universe and that when we live from that space of love inside ourselves, we are at our highest and best good.
  • That each one of us knows what is best for us and that our challenge here on Earth School is to rediscover our Essence and live fully from that place.
  • That we create our world by our choices and can change those choices and our reality.
  • That in the power of synergy, partnership, relationship and co-creation there is unlimited possibility.

I am a Personal Life Coach, Living Your Vision® Coach, Spiritual Mentor and eternal Learner. Using experience gained as a successful professional in the business world for 30 years, mother of two adult children and a seasoned Mentor, I accompany my clients as their collaborator on their journey of discovery.  After 16 years as partner of a 20-person accounting firm, I now happily declare myself a recovering CPA. I am a Certified Professional Coach (CPC) having received my training from the Academy of Coach Training, Now Invite Change, an International Coach Federation accredited school.    I  have completed advanced training in Alan Cohen’s Coach Training Program and am a graduate of a two-year training as a Spiritual Mentor from the Namaste program in Portland, Oregon.  I am currently a member of the NW Coaches Association and the International Coaching Federation.

I bring to you the wisdom of a spirited life of resilience, rich with experiences, the passion of my beliefs, and the dedication to being open to all possibility.