Don’t Worry, Be Happy

Happiness is such a personal experience; unique to each and every one of us. How do we know when we are happy? What does happy look like to me? To you? Maybe I’m happy right here, right now and don’t even know it.

I wonder if I have been so programmed by the mass media that my picture of happiness is measured by the things I own, the kind of car I drive, the $$ in my bank account, the size jeans I wear, my age??? The pictures of happiness reflected everywhere around me are based on “having” something rather than “being” someone. It feels like I’ve missed the main feature of the movie because I’ve been so distracted by the advertisements.

When I stop and think about what gives me deep personal satisfaction it is the simple things like:

~Beginning the day with a good, hot cup of coffee and my favorite inspirational readings
~Shared moments of deep connection with my family and loved ones
~Fresh flowers in the house
~Quiet moments with Spirit
~Hearing my grandchildren come into my house squealing “Nona, Nona”
~Preparing and sharing a luscious meal with my loved ones
~Doing my best each day to acknowledge the Good/God in each person I meet
~Having a moment to chat with friends and neighbors
~Spending time in the garden with my hands in the dirt
~Learning something new and sharing it
~Going to bed each night knowing I’ve been the best person I could be and grateful for all that has been given to me that day

What makes you happy? What gives you moments of deep satisfaction and peace? I encourage you to take a few minutes and ask yourself:
When do I feel the most connected to myself and others?
When am I at peace?
When am I living totally in the present moment?

What does happiness feel like for you? Does it feel calm, joyful, peaceful, connected, energized, creative, expansive or…? Can you even connect with the feeling of contentment or have you been focused on lack, effort, struggle, and challenge in your daily life?

If you put down the story of not enough and open a new book that appreciates and celebrates you right now in this moment where you are what would you see? When you look at what is working in your life more than what is not working, what might you feel?

The teaching of the benefits of Gratitude Practice and focusing on the good in your life are everywhere. You know that it works and you know how to do it. Wayne Dyer says that: “If you want to change anything in your life, you have to first expect it of yourself.” How might your world look if each night when you went to bed you spent five minutes appreciating all the good things about yourself and the contributions you have made that day? I encourage you to try it and let me know what shows up for you. Send me an email or respond on my blog.

Maybe happiness is about allowing and accepting. Maybe happiness is knowing we are enough.

Don’t worry, be happy.


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