Be Careful What You Say To Your Plants

We’ve all heard stories about how it makes a difference to “talk nice” to our plants. I have some orchid plants that are erratic bloomers and on the occasions I have reminded them that if they don’t bloom soon they will be replaced; they always bloom! I’m a believer.

I’m even more of a believer after reading the following article in the October issue of Science of Mind. I’m curious to hear your thoughts/experiences. This is amazing information. Gives one pause when thinking about how to define intelligence and consciousness and just what that means.   What an exciting time to be alive.

Plants Communication

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2 Responses to Be Careful What You Say To Your Plants

  1. Bonnie Hildebrand says:

    Dear Carol,
    Besides being an extreme nature lover, my diet is @ 90% vegan /10 % vegetarian, so I use a lot of produce. I always thank & bless my food before I eat it. The article has taken my gratitude for the abundance being shared with me to a deeper level. My connection to the generosity being bestowed on me is greater, so I am inspired to find more ways to be generous myself. Thank you for sharing the article-it is a true gift.
    Bonnie Hildebrand

    • carol says:

      Thanks for sharing your personal experience. I commend your connection with your body and your food. Others I know who follow a vegan and raw food diet say they have amazing energy. I’ve noticed how joyful, creative, healthy and youthful they are. Glad the article spoke to you.


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