Be A “Heart” Listener

The other day I had pleasure of spending some time with a woman whose business card reads “Horse Listener.”  She’s a very adept people listener as well.  I left the meeting thinking that I want to be a “Heart Listener.”

What I know to be true is that our deepest well of knowing is accessed through our heart.  That is the place of inner wisdom and alignment with our values and purpose.  It is in that place that we come home to who we truly are and reconnect with our Source.

What I also know is that most of the time I do not “live” in that place of knowingness and centeredness.  In my daily life I get caught up in the drama and urgency of the moment and forget to go to that quiet space I can trust for guidance.

I had a big lesson in not listening recently.   I had been in the market for a new car and ended up buying a used, new for me, vehicle.  It had been several years since I bought a car and did do some research beforehand.  When I got to the dealership I test drove the car I had been looking at then was invited to drive a trade-in car that fit my list of must haves.  I had not looked at comps on that brand car so was not knowledgeable about pricing and value.

I really liked the used vehicle and entered the negotiation process for it.  During the back and forth of making the deal there were a two or three times when my heart said to slow down, stop, and get more information.  I wasn’t feeling confident that I was seeing everything.  I didn’t listen to that heart message, ignored the call to stop and step back and look more carefully.   I realized later that  there would have been more negotiating room and perhaps some other options I was not aware of had I listened to my heart and said “Stop,” I need more information, time, ….  I may well have made the same choice after taking some time out and I’ll never know that.

Our heart gives us continual information and guidance if we only listen.   Sometimes it takes courage to stop in the middle of a conversation or negotiation and take a moment to connect with that voice of wisdom.   Sometimes it shows up as a gut feeling or a thought that dashes through our consciousness.  It can be a chill down your spine or some other physical sensation or mental “knowingness.”  We each have our own signal and it comes from that heart centered place of truth.  It gets easier with practice and we sleep better at night knowing we paid attention to our deepest knowing.

Next time I’ll pay attention to those tugs and small voices.  Remember the old, old radio show “The Shadow Knows?”   I’m tuning in to station K103:”The Heart Knows.”

I’d love to hear your experiences if you would like to share.


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